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The Mathematics of Beauty and The Beauty of Mathematics
(for all audiences)

Synopsis: Whether subjective or objective, ephemeral or eternal, arousing the senses or charming the intellect, the definition of beauty has forever challenged artists and philosophers alike. This engaging and highly visual presentation invites you to ponder the meanings of beauty, examine the mathematics behind things beautiful, and enjoy aspects of mathematics that delight students, teachers, mathematicians, and all lovers of mathematics.

Monica Neagoy’s longstanding loves for mathematics and the arts come together in this talk. She has given this presentation as a keynote speech, at math conferences or special mathematics events across, in the United States and in many foreign countries (on three continents), and has garnered much acclaim for both its content and format.

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MathMagic: A One-Woman Show

Students of all ages—and adults too—are fascinated by magic. We are pleased to announce that internationally renowned mathematics consultant and speaker, Dr. Monica Neagoy will be offering her engaging, entertaining, and interactive one-woman-show MathMagic to Mary Reed LC on January 22nd, 2008. Across the country and abroad, this Mathemagician has excited audiences with her thought-provoking magic tricks, puzzles and paradoxes. Students and their parents are so curious and motivated to learn “how to” perform the tricks, or “why” they work, that in the process, they get excited about mathematics and learn some new ideas…and retain them. Everyone leaves the show excited and enthusiastic to share them few tricks Monica shows them with friends and family.


  • A Journey through the Amazing World of Mathematics
  • Understanding the CCSSM pathways, from K to 12
  • Narrowing the GAP by Widening the GATE: We Must Enable ALL Students to Access STEM-related Careers.
  • Helping Teachers See the Bridge from Numbers and Patterns to Algebra and Functions
  • Cultivating Algebraic Thinking and Reasoning in the Early Grades
  • Building PreK-12 Math Bridges by Planting the Seeds of Algebra Early
  • PreK-to-12 Algebra: Building a Concrete Bridge
  • Jazz up High school Mathematics with the TI-Nspire
  • Make Secondary Math Lessons Come Alive with the TI-Nspire
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