Common Core Mathematics Explained, Examined and Unpacked

At Reading Sage I published an article titled “Common Core Mathematics Explained, Examined and Unpacked”.

Have you ever asked yourself what’s the main purpose of teaching computation—addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division—in a world where adults and children alike have iPhones, tablets, calculators, and other devices at their fingertips?

The answer is not to know how to carry out the algorithm. Fifty years ago, the how-to was the main purpose. But today, if we just teach children how to add, how to subtract, or how to multiply, we will not be meeting our higher call. We would actually be failing our pedagogical mission, as the children would always lose out to calculators and computers, even cheap ones for that matter! Deep mathematical thinking or algebraic thinking is our higher purpose in teaching elementary school number and computation.

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A New Light on Literacy and Mathematics: Four Cross Disciplinary Teaching Practices

At Corwin-Press I published together with Mollie Cura an article titled “A New Light on Literacy and Mathematics: Four Cross Disciplinary Teaching Practices”.

To help teachers blur the boundaries of subjects, we focus this post on four teaching-practice bridges between the two worlds of learning, mathematics and literacy. Our hope is to plant seeds of reflection. Once educators realize that both literacy and mathematics are ways of knowing and both offer lenses through which we make sense of our world, they will see that their ultimate goal is to teach students to think. The fog then clears and the bridges begin to shine in a new light (see A New Light on Literacy and Mathematics).

Read all at Corwin-Press.

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Revisiting Division with Fractions: Five Suggestions to Cultivate Meaning

At Corwin-Press I published an article titled “Revisiting Division with Fractions: Five Suggestions to Cultivate Meaning”.

In this post, informed by experience and research, I revisit fraction division by addressing five fundamental reasons why students have so much difficulty with it and offer suggestions for helping students overcome them. Hopefully, the suggestions will help teachers clarify some of the mystery!

Read all directly at Corwin-Press.

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Press article about “MathéMagie”

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Video “Fascinating French Feast”

Fascinating French Feast – Directed by Didier Rousselet and Monica Neagoy.

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Video “LE NEON French-American Theatre Demo”

LE NEON French-American Theatre Demo (archival footage from VHS).

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Theatre “L’Assemblée des femmes”

Assemblée des femmes, Affiche

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Theatre “Le Sens de la marche”


theatreTrois comédiens et un musicien évoquent avec humour et sensibilité les rapports de l’homme avec la marche : de nos ancêtres bipèdes au monde de l’automobile, des déboires du fantassin aux joies du randonneur, des épreuves du bébé aux défis du vieillard. Un défilé endiablé de personnages variés venus de l’histoire, des contes, du cinéma ou de la vie quotidienne. Spectacle musical, poétique et burlesque qui emprunte au cirque, au cabaret, à la danse. Tout public !

jeudi 10 juillet et vendredi 11 juillet,
mardi 15 juillet et mercredi 16 juillet,
à 20h30
Au Château de Picomtal
05200 Crots, près d’Embrun, Hautes-Alpes

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